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Polar Bear on Ice By pilapix
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Fitness, motivation, vegan and advice blog! ✻
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DSC_0051 (by Scott Stufflebeam)
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"A Tropical View"
Arade's River, Portimão, Portugal (Algarve)
By André Campos
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Izu and Cub_F9P6471 by day1953 on Flickr.
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Mateus William
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"This is a picture that i’d like to have shown at my funeral you know you have photos of the person that died. This shows me in one of the happiest times of my life. Just young stoked on surfing and about as happy as a kid could be. Pop pier was a perfect place to start surfing at. We had plenty of surf and Pop had a few different spots to surf at." - Jay adams
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Jellyfish | Chris Malek